Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christians Are Never Wrong

Christians are never wrong in their minds, but to the rest of us they suck. They are NOT helping anything by using the excuse that they are SAVING someone. That excuse needs to be removed from their vocabulary. They are a bunch of "mob rule"-like sheep who follow the last thing said. Some of them come up with the most outlandish horse-shit that I have EVER heard. Recently Pat Robertson spoke up and said he was sure that GOD is responsible for the earthquake in Haiti, since he was angry at them for having made a pact with Satan.
Is anyone in that religion ever going to tell Pat Robertson that since he lives in an area that has had natural disasters that God is probably upset with the crap falling out of his mouth? He needs to just shut up or get another job. Since when is it his job to interpret for God what the earth does, or what people do, or what Satan does? He is just a moron who would be laughable if NO ONE took him serious. He is like the guy in a theater who screams fire and gets people trampled to death. Eventually someone idiotic enough to listen to him is going to do some misquided nonsense based on his moronic thinking. He needs to JUST SHUT UP NOW. If there was a "pie in the sky" god as he tries to say, then why do they allow morons to graduate from seminary school? That was afforded to him by a board of regents in a college somewhere, that he PAID to allow him to go to school there, it wasn't ordained by God.

The moral of this rant:

People need to realise that God doesn't make your misery, you and other people do. SO, it should be our main concern to stop people (ourselves included) from hurting each other. You are responsible for your own actions, not God or Satan. Natural disasters happen because we live on this thing called a PLANET, which has it's own forces of nature that we have to learn to live with or move. Earthquakes, Wildfires, Floods, and other natural disasters have happened since the beginning of our time on earth. We know this. We now have scientific explanations for these forces, you all need to quit whining to your village wise man for answers to why they happened. Belief that "the Gods are angry" is how ancient civilizations were kept in control. The government would say that the Gods were punishing them and get whoever it was to stop doing whatever it was that offended that one government official. AND, they still do and you listen, PERIOD!

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