Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Won't Believe It's True

Those of you who follow my blogs on here are NOT going to believe what happened to me recently. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I have been anti-religious for years. So, just to be completely clear, I have been wrong! Again! I have found a religion that finally fits me. I am a Nichiren Buddhist. I have to tell you that I am amazed since it is wrought with superstitious sounding writings, but you have to understand that these people explained to me what I have expected all my adult life it that the mythological sounding parts of religion were man's attempt to explain science so they are beautifully agreed with me on that. Dieties and forces and life conditions are parts of US, not in some mythical place somewhere else. Buddhism was like man's attempt to explain the human mind. It is a wonderful relief to realise that the knowledge of this unlocks all of my misgivings of what has differed between myself and other religions. I was told, "Those are anologies that they made up that sounded good and would give you a reference in your mind of sort of what something like that stood for. Okay, what if we looked at the Bible that way? Jesus was walking across the water. His faith was so strong he could do anything. Angels, what if they were an anology for human like actions that were considered inspired by faith in DOING THE RIGHT THING? What if God really did stand for Good Orderly Direction and wasn't a physical embodiment of a spiritual creature. That part never made sense to me any more than the question if God was a man or woman. Why would a spiritual deity need a sex organ? Who is he going to have sex with. Why would he have to look like anything we would recognize? As a certain comedian I listen to would say, the old testament was not supposed to be a history book. It wasn't real, it was stories to prove a point and the rules in it were for a time when man was three hairs away from being a baboon. Yes, we did evolve from an ape like creature called a hominid. A certain type of apelike creature has been documented and traced as the "missing link" between the apes and early man. A scientist in Glasgow has even charted the evidence and has a website with the whole history. We don't really like to realize that man in his early stages was the size of a chimpanzee standing erect about 3.6 to 4 ft. tall) and we didn't stand erect to walk, either. Only a few centuries ago men only lived to be over thirty years of age, if they were lucky. In recent years the whole evolution idea has come closer into fruition as we realize that more bones and artifacts have been unearthed that made our original theories invalid. You can read all about this at the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery Website which is presented by the Glasgow Scientist Dr. Jeff Liston whom you may, on visiting the site as him questions by email. I never thought I would see the day when science came up with more irrevocable evidence of evolution of man. It has always made sense. Where else would fossils have come from? Now, on to my main point. I am not just trying to dispute the Bible, although it is highly inaccurate and full of just plain mythology. The reason for a lot of that is because most of it was borrowed from other stories. They believe now that the man who most Christians call Jesus was actually named Yeshua and that during his life, in the space between ages 12 and thirty which have only recently been given credence by any scientific study. You see, back then, if you were born, you were given a first name and usually the name of the town you were born in. So, at birth there was an understanding of the "two realities" of Monarchy. A) Death and B) Taxes. If you were alive an living in the kingdom of any king you owed him taxes so the tax records were kept more meticulously than any other. It is believed now that Yeshua (Jesus) spent a large bit of time in India before he started preaching at age 30. Some of the modern thought is that he learned about Hinduism and Buddhism and brought back a new form of religious thought that was so different from the Jewish religion that they wanted to kill him to stop him from spreading knowledge of anything but what they had used for centuries to control "the masses". The Australopithecus (southern ape) was the common link that they thought they were still looking for but since it's jaw line was so far differring from modern day homosapiens they thought there must be another less apelike creature in the middle. They realize now that it's ability to walk on two legs allowed it to escape the trees and start inhabiting the wide open areas that man was known for living in. I find it ironic or maybe it was the author's intention to infer that the same was true of the apes in the movie "Planet of the Apes" when they told them that they all had originated from man and that man wasn't supposed to speak, only apes. To that end they were trying desperately to cover up man's actual links to humans and they method of speech. In a way the Jewish clergy in the ancient times did the same thing. Also, the idea that anyone from a time period before speech or the written word was capable of recording the story of "the Creation Theory" is almost laughable but most people who don't think that much seem to be able to curtail all inquistiveness when told, "You have to have faith." I have thoughts and that can sure screw up the idea of faith in the unbelievable. Anyway the point is that I have always had trouble with the Abrahamic relgious principles and recently I found out during some of my investigation that the names "Abraham, Moses, and Noah and his sons" were all part of Greek Mythology before the fall of Rome when the "one god" people came in and took over. All of this era's books were written in Greek, which is what the original bible was translated from. It seems that actual stories weren't exciting enough so they borrowed stories and names from previous mythology. When scientifically investigated there was no evidence of a "Great Flood" over the whole earth. But once again we are told that you have to have faith. Imagine two of every species of wild animals and they came of their own accord, marched up a ramp to a huge boat and stayed where they were without fighting or devouring each other for forty 24 hour periods. Just ask someone like Sigfreid and Roy if they think that is possible. First, just finding that many animals in one region was impossible. The two by two story would have been a great idea that came to someone as he was thinking about someone asking the question, "How did they all start over again?" Oh, well there was a male and female of each species and they had children, and their children had children. From what we know now about inbreeding in nature, not many species would have survived that. That's not to mention the shoveling it would take to keep the "Arc" clean. It was supposed to be The fact remains that the Jewish people will tell you that they don't believe the book is factual but Christians, who decided that book wasn't good enough, continue to interpret for themselves any part of it in a manner that benefits them.
Anyway, to get back to the subject, I became a Nichiren Buddhist. The only religion I have ever heard of that actually calls the supernatural mythology by it's real name, mythology. All relgions have it but most of them say it is supposed to be taken literally.
The life conditions which include Nirvana and Hell are what I always thought. They are not a place but a feeling inside us. Go figure, I found a religion that fits me! The only one that I have found that is no B.S. and asks me to be responsible for my own actions instead of blaming all my problems on a devil that conspires to tempt and trick me or a God that helps me from a one on one perspective as if a deity that is in charge of the whole Universe has time to listen to a speck on one of it's planets like myself.
I would also like to mention that I enjoyed Andy Borowitz's take on the Pat Robertson fiasco. I got angry and said that Pat Roberston doesn't talk to anyone but himself in the mirror and Andy came up with real proof. Read the full report at "God Denies Talking to Pat Roberston" Story. (If you have trouble with that link, copy and paste into the URI search window of your web browser and click Enter.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christians Are Never Wrong

Christians are never wrong in their minds, but to the rest of us they suck. They are NOT helping anything by using the excuse that they are SAVING someone. That excuse needs to be removed from their vocabulary. They are a bunch of "mob rule"-like sheep who follow the last thing said. Some of them come up with the most outlandish horse-shit that I have EVER heard. Recently Pat Robertson spoke up and said he was sure that GOD is responsible for the earthquake in Haiti, since he was angry at them for having made a pact with Satan.
Is anyone in that religion ever going to tell Pat Robertson that since he lives in an area that has had natural disasters that God is probably upset with the crap falling out of his mouth? He needs to just shut up or get another job. Since when is it his job to interpret for God what the earth does, or what people do, or what Satan does? He is just a moron who would be laughable if NO ONE took him serious. He is like the guy in a theater who screams fire and gets people trampled to death. Eventually someone idiotic enough to listen to him is going to do some misquided nonsense based on his moronic thinking. He needs to JUST SHUT UP NOW. If there was a "pie in the sky" god as he tries to say, then why do they allow morons to graduate from seminary school? That was afforded to him by a board of regents in a college somewhere, that he PAID to allow him to go to school there, it wasn't ordained by God.

The moral of this rant:

People need to realise that God doesn't make your misery, you and other people do. SO, it should be our main concern to stop people (ourselves included) from hurting each other. You are responsible for your own actions, not God or Satan. Natural disasters happen because we live on this thing called a PLANET, which has it's own forces of nature that we have to learn to live with or move. Earthquakes, Wildfires, Floods, and other natural disasters have happened since the beginning of our time on earth. We know this. We now have scientific explanations for these forces, you all need to quit whining to your village wise man for answers to why they happened. Belief that "the Gods are angry" is how ancient civilizations were kept in control. The government would say that the Gods were punishing them and get whoever it was to stop doing whatever it was that offended that one government official. AND, they still do and you listen, PERIOD!